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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

As vehicles are our most important assets and it plays a very crucial part in business operations, we need to protect it, optimize its usage, track its movements, analyse its performance, control and reduce its cost and everyday wear and tear.G3 INTERACTIVE offers Vehicle Tracking System by using multiple advance technologies like Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) for accurately identifying, managing and locating vehicles in real time.Vehicle owners can monitor the location of these vehicles and can check the speed of vehicle, identify the user(s) on vehicle, vehicle name and keep on track the movement of the vehicles throughout its journey.

How Tracking Improve your business?

An effective and apt Vehicle Tracking Solution of G3 INTERACTIVE will help you to improve your business and profits. Our automated scheduled email report details and defects warning method are highly beneficial for the vehicle owners to resolve defects according to High, Low and medium priority.


  • Fuel consumption can be reduced
  • Increase the productivity of the driver (s)
  • Control unauthorised vehicle use
  • Verify timesheets and overtime claims
  • Increase vehicle security
  • Reduce insurance premiums




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