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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

G3 INTERACTIVE delivered a comprehensive solution in form of a web application that can be used anywhere, from any device, and at any time. Some highlights of the fleet management web application includes


  • Managing own vehicles
  • Keeping track of location
  • Daily prestart checklist
  • Maintaining maintenance datasheet
  • Monitoring expenses pertaining to fuel costs, toll charges etc
  • Reporting and analysis for admin

      System administrator - Can monitor important parameters of the fleet management (uploading fuel costs, track frequency and distance logged by vehicles). They can also pull up detailed analysis and reports on a given time frame that will further help compute performance of employees.


      Crew member - Login on iPad to communicate centrally with web application, check vehicle, fill up checklist and report breakdowns.


      Service manager - They can login to the system, monitor problems in vehicles, fix issues and update admin Full compatibility with all Internet enabled devices such as laptops, PCs, smartphones or tablets, thus allowing greater portability. Easy integration with the existing systems to ensure smoother operations with enhanced efficiency.


  • Login page
  • Graph chart



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