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Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is task of creating website in different versions that is compatible with any and every digital web device. Although this is an unfamiliar concept but that should be changing very soon. To be precise, Responsive Web Design is a technique which enables your website to fit virtually into any device. By any device, I mean literally any device and it could be smart phones, tablets, TV, your PC’s monitor, iPhone and Android phones with both landscape and portrait modes.

The idea behind responsive web design is to code a web page using cascading style sheets. The sheets automatically detect the size of the screen being used to access to page. Then the output from the page is adjusted to fit that size whether it is a phone, tablet, or monitor. G3 INTERACIVE RWD professionals will help you by correctly implementing this codes and you will see that your website fits on any device

In the era of Smart phones, have become an alternative for desktop browsing; responsive web design has gained immense popularity. Some people think that having a responsive web design is the best way to get accessible to more and more people.

Sometimes, some websites are too complicated to implement Responsive web designing. For such websites, there are two alternatives which are following:

1) Designing a Mobile Version Website:

A separate Website in Mobile version will be designed for you so that if a visitor checks your website from mobile it will be redirected to your mobile version website.

2) Mobile App:

  • If you’re not interested in RWD then you can develop a separate mob Apps for you.
  • If you wish that your website must be visible to your targeted clients from multiple devices then contact us
  • If you wish that your website must be visible to your targeted clients from multiple devices then contact us immediately. If you aims at increasing your business through web and wants to keep in touch with customers, then this is the right time for you to start a New Responsive Website or Mobile App. If your clients can’t access your website, then your website is not worth as expected. If you aren’t sure, we will help to know more.